Harbour Air is happy to accept a variety of luggage options including backpacks, duffel bags, carry-on and full size suitcases. Please keep in mind, it is important your chosen luggage is able to securely store all items in fastened compartments or pockets. Harbour Air has a unique operating environment where luggage is passed from dock, over water, to aircraft. To ensure all your personal items are safe and secure, we recommend verifying your luggage and all contents are well secured before check-in. Harbour Air cannot be held liable for any contents that may be damaged due to shifting luggage or falling out of passenger’s luggage.

At the aircraft, all bags including carry-on items will be stowed in the cargo area of the aircraft. For safety purposes, only very small items that will fit in the seat-back pocket may be carried with you into the cabin. Upon arrival at your destination, your bags will be unloaded by our crew and handed to you on the dock at the aircraft.

Luggage Allowances & Dimensions

Our fare options offer a variety of luggage allowances to best suit each travellers need.

When you arrive for check-in, your baggage will be weighed to ensure it does not exceed your chosen fare’s maximum weight allowance. Please note, due to the nature of our aircraft we must account for the weight of all items including small bags like purses and briefcases. There is no restriction on the quantity of luggage items you may bring.

We understand that situations arise where passengers may be travelling with more baggage than is included in the luggage allowance associated with our fares. Depending on your fare choice, you may be able to purchase additional weight allowance on a guaranteed or space-available, standby basis.

Luggage Allowance: All Routes

Maximum Guaranteed Weight8 lbs12 lbs20 lbs25 lbs
Additional Guaranteed WeightXXX25 lbs for $20 1
Additional Luggage Weight4
Subject to availability. See full fare terms and conditions for details
$5/lb 2$3/lb$2/lb$1/lb 3
1 Additional guaranteed weight limited to one per Flex passenger.
2 Low priority standby, subject to availability.
3 High priority standby, subject to availability.

4 Due to international restrictions, all baggage must travel with the passenger on their international scheduled flight. Excess baggage cannot be accommodated on an earlier or later departure. 

Maximum Luggage Dimensions

We operate a variety of sizes of aircraft from the smaller DHC-2 Beaver up to our largest aircraft the DHC-6 Twin Otter. The type and size of aircraft will depend on which route you are travelling. Below are the maximum size dimensions for individual pieces of luggage on each aircraft type. Please note, for safety reasons individual bags may not weigh more than 50lbs each.

Twin Otter25"36"36"
Single Otter18"42"54"

Please contact Parcel Express if you have items that surpass these dimensions. Based on flight load and volume of guaranteed luggage, larger items may possibly be accommodated.

Travelling with Excess Luggage

We understand that situations arise where passengers may be travelling with more baggage than is included in the guaranteed luggage allowance associated with their fare class. Please read on to find out about the options available to help make travelling with excess luggage a little easier.

Confirming Additional Luggage

To guarantee that your additional baggage travels on the same flight as you, we recommend purchasing an additional seat on the flight which will guarantee you an additional 200 lbs of luggage on domestic flights.

Sending Luggage Early

Passengers travelling on domestic flights, who wish to send their bags on an earlier flight, are welcome to do so. Simply drop your bag off at the terminal in advance of your flight and we will send it on the next available flight for you to pick up when you land at your destination. Fees for excess luggage still apply for bags sent early.

Please note, for international scheduled flights, due to international restrictions, all baggage must travel with the passenger, and excess baggage cannot be accommodated on an earlier or later departure.

Storing Luggage

Passengers travelling on domestic flights may store their luggage at our facilities at no extra cost during the day of travel.

Available at most terminals*, we offer overnight luggage storage service for a fee of $10 per bag, per night, for a maximum of 48 hours. We will safeguard your belongings in a secure storage area, however Harbour Air cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of items while stored with us.

*not available in Tofino, Maple Bay, Seattle, and Powell River.


Special Luggage & Equipment

Click headings below for additional information about travelling with special luggage and equipment.

Travelling with children and infants

Passengers travelling with infants or small children may bring one stroller and/or one car seat as additional pieces of luggage for their child at no additional charge. These items must adhere to the size and weight restrictions of the aircraft operating on the route of travel (noted above). Please click here for more information.

Travelling with a pet

We are a pet friendly airline, however, for safety reasons there are restrictions to the size of pet our aircraft can accommodate. Please click here to familiarize yourself with our pet travel guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience for you and your pet.

Travelling with sporting equipment

We welcome a variety of sporting goods1 aboard our flights.

Your sporting goods will count towards your luggage weight allowance, and all sporting equipment will travel on a space available basis. When shipping your sporting equipment, it does take extra care to handle and load, so the following fees apply:

Equipment Handling Fee
Hockey Bag + Sticks 1 $5.00
Skis / Snowboard 1 $5.00
Golf Clubs 1 $5.00
Bike 2 $10.00

1 Sporting equipment that exceeds the aforementioned Maximum Luggage Dimensions of our aircraft may not be accommodated. Please see the chart above, or call ahead with the dimensions of your sporting goods to enquire if they will fit in our aircraft.

2  When shipping your bike, please remove the front wheel so we can fit it securely in our luggage area. Please note, that certain aircraft will not be able to accommodate a bike.

Dangerous Goods & Prohibited Items

Please note, passengers are prohibited from transporting Dangerous Goods on flights with Harbour Air. Please click here to refer to this sheet for more information about prohibited items or call 1.800.665.0212 to speak with our team.



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