Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve pulled together answers to our most frequently asked questions below, or jump to the table to find answers to your questions about luggage, fares, check-in and more.

I booked on an old goFARE, what terms and conditions apply to my flight?

If you booked prior to July 18 on a goFARE, your goFARE terms and conditions will continue to apply. If you choose to change your fare within your goFARE terms and conditions to a new fare, the change/cancel terms of your old fare will continue to apply. All other terms of the new fare will be applicable.

Can I select my seat in advance?

Harbour Air’s Flex tier offers the opportunity for priority boarding. Because of weight and ensuring the aircraft is balanced we are unable to guarantee a specific seat, however we will welcome you aboard first to choose between the available seats.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

To determine your flight’s change or cancellation policy, please review your confirmation email or online booking summary. Amendments to reservations can be made online or with our Customer Contact Centre at 1.800.665.0212.

Does Harbour Air have a new booking fee?

Harbour Air has a new booking fee of CAD$15 (taxes included) per transaction that applies to new bookings completed by a Customer Contact Centre Agent or a Customer Service Agent. The fee is not applicable to passengers:

  • Unable to self-serve due to impairment or disability
  • Using payment options that are unavailable online
  • Travelling as an unaccompanied minor
  • Aged 65 and over

How soon before flight time should I check-in?

For domestic flights, we recommend guests arrive for check-in 40 minute prior to departure. For international flights, we recommend guests arrive for check-in 60 minutes prior to departure.

What kind of identification do I need to show at check-in?

For domestic flights, all passengers 18 years and above must present either one piece of valid government issued photo identification, or two pieces of government issued identification without a photograph.

For international flights, all passengers require a valid passport book, including infants.

Where will I sit on the flight?

For scheduled flights, Harbour Air does not pre-assign seats due to the weight and balance of the aircraft. If you’re interested in priority boarding, consider our Flex fare.

For scenic tours, Harbour Air offers select seating for $10 (subject to availability), or complimentary with a scenicULTIMATE fare.

What can I expect when boarding the plane?

Seaplanes present a boarding experience that differs from traditional land-based airlines. Passengers must board and deplane on working docks. We ask that passengers exercise caution. Characteristics of working docks that may present potential hazards include:

  • Dock movement and uneven transitions
  • Low barriers between the dock and the water
  • Fuel hoses and ropes in passengers’ walking paths

Are washrooms available on the aircraft?

There are no washrooms available on Harbour Air’s aircraft. Please ensure you utilize the washroom facilities at your departure terminal prior to boarding your flight.

What are the luggage allowances on my flight?

To determine your flight’s luggage allowance, please review your confirmation email, or online booking summary. More information about luggage allowances associated with each fare can be found here.

You’re also welcome to connect with our Customer Contact Centre at 1.800.665.0212.

How many bags am I allowed to bring?

You are welcome to bring as many bags as you’d like, however keep in mind your guaranteed weight allowance, and that every bag including purses, briefcases, backpacks etc. will count towards this allowance.

What happens if my luggage is overweight?

Luggage over the guaranteed allowance will travel on a standby space-available basis, and will be subject to a price per pound, this price depends on the purchased fare. To determine your flight’s luggage allowance and standby rates please review your confirmation email or online booking summary. You’re also welcome to connect with our Customer Contact Centre at 1.800.665.0212.

Does my pet count towards my luggage allowance?

Yes, pets count towards your luggage allowance. If the weight of your pet and their carrier is over your guaranteed allowance, we recommend our Flex fare which allows an option to purchase an additional 25 lbs of guaranteed luggage for $20 at check-in.

Are there luggage accommodations for travelling with a small child?

Passengers travelling with infants or small children may bring one stroller and/or one car seat as additional pieces of luggage for their child at no additional charge. These items must adhere to the size and weight restrictions of the aircraft operating on the route of travel. Please click here for more information.

What sports equipment does Harbour Air accept?

We welcome a variety of sporting goods aboard our flights. Your sporting goods will count towards your luggage weight allowance, and all sporting equipment will travel on a space available basis. When shipping your sporting equipment, it does take extra care to handle and load, so additional fees apply. For more details click here.

What items are not allowed on board?

Passengers are prohibited from transporting dangerous goods on flights with Harbour Air. For more information click here.

Why is the fare I previously booked no longer available?

As of July 18, 2023 Harbour Air has launched new fares. When making a new reservation, we encourage you to thoroughly review the terms and conditions to ensure you are choosing the best fare for you. For more information on our fares click here.

Do you offer discounted fares for infants and children?

Yes, children under 24 months at the time of departure fly free of charge as a lap-held infant. Although there is no charge for infants, please inform us that an infant will be travelling with you when you make your booking. Please note, one parent or guardian must accompany each infant per flight and all aircraft are equipped with infant life vests.

Children aged 2 through 11 receive a discounted fare when travelling with a parent or guardian (please note, accompanying guardian must be 16+ years of age).

If I book on one fare, and a better price becomes available, am I allowed to switch?

Travelers are welcome to cancel their reservation, and rebook on another fare. Please note that any cancellations or changes will be subject to fare differences, or applicable change or cancellation fees. To determine your flight’s change or cancellation policies, please review your confirmation email, or online booking summary. You’re also welcome to connect with our Customer Contact Centre at 1.800.665.0212

How do I check my HA Credit balance?

There are two ways to check your HA Credit balance. The first is with one of our friendly team members, whether that’s in person, over the phone or via email. Alternatively, you can log into your HAS# account and find your balance in your Reports tab in your dashboard.

Do you offer standby fares?

As part of our commitment to our communities, Harbour Air is pleased to extend several types of standby fares on a space-available basis. Click here to read about who is eligible for standby travel.

Do you accept unaccompanied minors?

Yes, Harbour Air has an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Program for children between the ages of 5 and 11 travelling without a guardian. To read more about our Unaccompanied Minor Program, please click here.

Is there parking available at your terminals?

Yes, parking options will vary based on your departure terminal. To learn more about the parking of your departure terminal, please view the location page by clicking here.

Does Harbour Air participate in the Travel Assistant Program (TAP BC)?

Yes. Harbour Air is an approved transportation partner with TAP BC and provides a discount on regular Comfort fares on any domestic scheduled service route. Please contact our Customer Contact Centre at 1.800.665.0212 to book a flight.

How does your shuttle service work?

We are pleased to offer shuttle services where and when available in Richmond (YVR South), Victoria, Whistler, and Nanaimo. To learn more about our shuttle services, please click here.



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